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OIsland of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell's first book for young readers, remains the most popular and best-loved of his books. This timeless tale of a girl stranded on a Pacific island has been translated into 23 languages, delighting children in cultures as different as Iran and Israel, Brazil and Bulgaria, China and Czechoslovakia.

Our first Book Club has chosen Island of  the Blue Dolphins to read.  Join us on alternate Tuesdays to read this classic story about a young girl stranded on an island.

Assignment 2:  Read up to the end of Chapter 9 for Feb 2.  When you have questions, post them on tthis page, and discuss your answers togther on the page.  Tell what you like, find a word or passage that you don't understand and lets talk about it together.
Assignments 1:  Read chapters 1 - 3 for Tuesday January 19th.
1/19/2010 03:32:43 am

This book is great because it is because it is basted on a true story

jenni burrell
1/19/2010 03:33:21 am

1/19/2010 03:34:29 am

This book has caught my imagination because the idea of a girl living on a island alone is amazing!!!!!!!

I l♥ve this book

1/19/2010 03:34:37 am

I L♥ve this book beacuse it has lots of detail and when i read it i feel like im in the book!

1/19/2010 03:35:17 am

I like the book because it has every good worging and it is good from chapter 1 to 6.

Angela Ziniewicz
1/19/2010 03:35:51 am

I think this will be a great book and new fresh start for our book club...!!!! I wonder what will happen next because this book will invite you inside the book it will make you picture the words into your mind....................! :)

jenni burrell
1/19/2010 03:36:32 am

this is a awesome book i love it i wonder how it will end.

3/5/2010 06:17:44 am

This book is getting very intersting and i am very much injoying this book. I am on chapter 20 and i love this book

3/9/2010 03:33:39 am

sounds awesome


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    Scott O'Dell's books have entertained and enlightened millions of readers around the world. Children with a thirst for adventure and a love of nature are drawn to his stories of young people, whose survival depends on their determination and self-reliance. He has been called "the foremost American writer of children's historical fiction." Although he is best known for stories set in the past, his books include gothic romances, nonfiction, and stories of contemporary life.


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