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Want to keep your children reading all summer?

1.       Find out why summer reading is important for your child.

2.       Pack up the kids and head to your nearest book store.  Find a new book and enjoy reading together with a cool lemonade. Try reading books with a similar theme:  For grades 3 – 6, Granny Torelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech, and for mom or dad, Lottery by Patricia Wood, both about a grandmother and a relationship with a disabled child.

3.       Plan a ‘Book at the Park’ afternoon.  Bring a few books and sit in the shade with slurpy while you wiggle your toes in the grass.  Read ‘Voices in the Park’ for K-6, and watch all the people in the park and talk about how they are viewing the world as they walk by.  Help your child understand different points of view as you create stories in your mind together while  you read and people watch.  For longer park visits, read aloud ‘The Ghosts of Rathburn Park’ by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Find books of a similar theme or by the same author, and read and talk about that idea.  Suggestions on a theme of Afghanistan for children:  A New Life by Rukhsana Khan (Grades 2- 5), for Grades 4 -8, Three Cups of Tea Young Readers Version by Greg Mortenson, Listen to the Wind, also by Greg Mortenson.  For adults, try The Kite Runner  or A Thousand Splendid Suns by  Khaled Hosseini;Three  Cups of Tea or Stones into Schoolsby Greg Mortenson.

 5.       ‘Beachy Books’… Take a trip to the local public beach with a towel and a beach umbrella.  If no beach is handy, set up the beach umbrella beside a kiddie pool.   Suggestions: Walter the Farting Dog : Banned from the Beach by William Kotzwinkle, or Floatsom by David Wiesner, or Scaredy Squirrel at the Beachby Melanie Watt.  

 6.       Use some old sheets and blankets to make a temporary castle.  Toss in a few throw cushions and silky scarves.  Put a handful of fairy tale books in the room.  Mom or Dad may serve the princess with cookies and a sparkly drink. There are innumerable fairy talks in your local library, and a wealth of reinterpretations for older readers.  Suggestions: Any books by Gail Levine (Middle years) 

 7.       Direct the neighbourhood kids to act out their favorite books:  Acting Out: Six One-Act Plays * Six Newbery Stars: Susan Cooper, Avi, Sharon Creech, Patricia MacLachlan, Katherine Paterson, Richard Peck. ISBN 1978-1-4169-3848-4 (Available through  Perform the play for your extended family  and neighbours!

 8.       If you are going on a trip, find age level appropriate books about the place you are visiting or the communities on the way.  Visit your local public library for suggestions of both fiction and nonfiction books.  Bring the books with you on your trip and talk about the books while you are travelling.

 9.       Plant a small tree or a garden and read stories together about trees.  Solomon’s Tree by Andrea Spalding, Operation Redwood by S. Terell French, The Giving Tree by Sid Silverstein, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

10.   Find all the prize winning books you can from the year your child was born and share them with the child over the summer.  Some Children’s award categories:  Caldecott Medals, Young Readers’ Choice Award, Rocky Mountain Book Awards, Newbery Awards, Mr. Christie Book Award, Governor Generals Book Award, Nestle Book Award)